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Smarter Planning

Jo Anne has spent decades working on innovative planning, often at odds with greedy developers. She knows Brooklyn needs housing within reach of everyone - development that reflects, uplifts and strengthens all of our diverse neighborhoods.

Environmental Justice

The challenges of climate change, widespread pollution, and the disproportionate burden it places on our communities of color cannot be met with half measures. Jo Anne has long championed the superfund cleanup in brooklyn, has authored studies on traffic and air pollution, and will fight polluters every day - our lives depend on it!

Public Power

For too long Brooklyn has been under the thumb of corporately owned utilities. Jo Anne has sponsored groundbreaking legislation which transitions our energy to publicly owned, democratically accountable renewable sources right away.


Our democratic rights are under assault. Jo Anne has been protecting democracy and the sanctity of the democratic process her entire career - she is the founder of the progressive caucus in Albany and authored and passed NY State’s most comprehensive campaign finance reform bill.


As a lifelong educator and advocate for children, Jo Anne will improve schools for ALL of our children, and fight to bring down barriers for young learners across our borough. She has worked tirelessly for students with disabilities, and is a nationally respected expert on curriculum and intervention.


Committed to public transit, alternative transportation, and smart, safe solutions for congestion, Jo Anne has been offering forward thinking solutions to Brooklyn's vexing transportation issues for decades.

Disability Rights

As a nationally recognized disability rights lawyer, Jo Anne’s advocacy has changed lives and laws across the country. She will continue the fight for disability rights, accessible transit, and better access for all Brooklynites.

Gun Violence Prevention

Usually we don't tout failing grades, but the NRA has consistently given Jo Anne an “F” rating, and she's ok with that. They even targeted her for her extensive gun violence prevention work such as her nationally recognized red-flag law to prevent firearm tragedies.

Criminal Justice Reform

Jo Anne enacted major criminal justice reforms to dismantle the deep flaws that perpetuate racial and economic bias in our judicial system. She has fought to break the school-to-prison pipeline, to end solitary confinement, and was one of the few legislators to stand strong against the bail rollback.

Roe v Wade & Women’s Rights

Jo Anne has authored and passed legislation to modernize and add gender inclusive language across our civic institutions. We are witnessing an unprecedented national attack on women’s rights. Jo Anne helped pass legislation which protects the right to choose in New York regardless of federal law.


Jo Anne has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights her entire life. She was an early supporter of marriage equality, GENDA, and will always work towards a more inclusive brooklyn, regardless of race, class, gender or orientation.

As a native Brooklynite, born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, I know that Jo Anne Simon is a tireless leader. I couldn’t find any disability rights lawyer to represent me until I met Jo Anne. Since then, she has been my mentor, a dear friend, and has helped me fulfill my goal of becoming an attorney. I know first-hand that she cares about people and about community, and that she is what Brooklyn needs right now.

Brooklynites are ready for Jo Anne Simon to be Brooklyn’s first female Borough President!” 

Ptahra Jeppe, Esq,

Ptahra is dyslexic, and helped Simon work on her first dyslexia bill.

Jo Anne possesses the authenticity, experience, and passion needed to truly unite Brooklyn. She has fought tirelessly for Brooklynites, advocating for quality public education, affordable housing, environmental justice, health care, small businesses, and criminal justice reform.

Over a decade ago, Congress needed someone to testify on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and they looked to her to testify. We'll need her leadership as Borough President while Brooklyn deals with the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mary J. Goodwin-Oquendo, Esq.

Mary attended James Madison High School

As a community advocate, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jo Anne Simon over the last sixteen years. Her experience in development, transportation, employment and disability rights — to name just a few — make Jo Anne one of the most knowledgeable people I know in public office. But what’s most important is that she knows Brooklyn, and as Borough President, will bring the leadership our communities need to get back on their feet.

Gib Veconi

Gib is a member of the board of the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council, and Brooklyn Community Board 8.

I met Jo Anne through her work in the community, and she has shown that she is an effective leader who can build consensus on complicated issues. She has proven herself to be a deeply committed and thoughtful advocate and legislator. She has accomplished so much in the state legislature in such a short time. We need her vision here in Brooklyn to unite us and lead us during this difficult time.

Joan Millman

Former Assemblymember, 52nd AD

Jo Anne is an experienced grassroots community leader and a proven champion for women, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and the disability community. She is true to her values and has a deep connection to the communities she serves.  She actively listens to and learns from the experiences of her constituents. I met Jo Anne while I was doing gun violence prevention after the school shooting at Parkland. Jo Anne passed a “red flag” law to prevent tragedies like this, and the NRA has targeted her for it. Jo Anne Simon has a tremendous amount of courage and grace.


Claire T. McCue, MSW, M.Phil.

Claire is the Project Leader, Eradicating Gender Based Violence, Women’s Justice NOW; Community Organizer, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School NYC Alumni Group.